Heirloom Portraiture with CRP

January 3, 2024

Hi, I'm christine.
Hi there! Welcome to my blog. I'll talk about all things newborn, heirloom, milestone, and maternity photography here.
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A while back, a client of mine asked me about doing heirloom portraits for her children and at the time I wasn’t sure what she meant.  I googled it to find many photographers offering it with various techniques being used.  I found one photographer in particular in South Carolina whose work was just breathtaking.  I eventually reached out to her to inquire about mentoring me on her techniques and she so kindly agreed!

We worked really hard together last spring and summer and she taught me all about her process.  Basically, heirloom portraiture is a traditional southern type of portraiture where little ones are photographed in white or pastel heirloom outfits but the real magic happens in the editing process.  I hand edit a white vignette around their sweet faces to create a very whimiscal look.  It’s a very time consuming process but so worth it!

One of my missions of my work is to create authentic moments of the little ones I photograph so that families can cherish those days in years to come.  I believe this work accomplishes just that and I’m so excited to be able to now offer this service for my clients!  Contact me for more information or to book your session!

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welome to my blog

I'm Christine and I'm so happy you're here. This blog a journal about newborn, milestone, heirloom and maternity photography. 

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