IMAGES To cherish forever and ever

moment will never happen again.


timeless, personal & artistic photographs you'll treasure for years to come

"Christine is absolutely incredible and oh so talented..."

It was such a wonderful experience with absolutely no stress...We are deeply grateful!"... Cate in Geneva


Heirloom portraiture

“So incredibly beautiful-
Thank You!” 

Jennifer and david

“We couldn't be happier with Clover. It was truly an elegant experience from start to finish. We were treated like royalty.”

aria & declan

“Our pictures from Clover are breathtaking. I still can't believe that's actually us. What an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experience”

michelle & robert

behind the lens

I'M Christine Retzer

 I work really hard to produce the best possible imagery for my clients but also the best experience as well. Every client is treated as if they were family. And, with that I feel completely honored every time I get to capture these memories for them to cherish for generations to come.


newborn session


Each newborn session varies as it all depends on baby's willingness to pose.  Sometimes they'll sleep like champs and I can get a lot of poses in and other times not so much.  It's then that I rely on my Plan B, C, D and E...


These sessions are always play-based.  Finding the moments of pure joy and wonder is what makes these sessions so enjoyable and make my heart
sing as the one who gets to
capture them.  

Let's make something beautiful