ABOUT christine

Behind the Lens

I'm a photographer who finds beauty not only in the poses I create but mostly in those simple breaths we take in- between a pose. It’s within those natural moments that I can capture a true glimpse of their story and as a storyteller, they are the moments I’m drawn to the most.

about me

I'm Christine

I’m a creative type located in the tri-cities area of Batavia, Geneva and St. Charles. I moved to Illinois in 2014 from Los Angeles (many ask “why?”) due to my husband’s job.

After moving to suburbia and having kiddos I realized pretty quickly that I needed a creative outlet for myself.  In LA, I photographed events and headshots but one night as I pondered my future, I had an “ah-ha moment” and decided I wanted to photograph newborns. After lots of education and training (as well as many props later) Christine Retzer Photography was born and I’ve been lucky enough to work with sweet littles since 2015.

Storyteller, lover of light and the sound of laughter.

my favorite things:



Sunsets... It's like the sky is a canvas and each time the sun sets, the sky becomes a unique painting.  It's natural art and I'm always intrigued by the beauty and colors of them.


Acting days

A throwback photo of me being on the set where I worked as a 
"photographer" in a tv show.  How foretelling.


Time well spent

Working in a theatre... Whether it's directing or acting, it will always be a passion of mine and a place I call home.



This shot was taken during a hike in one of my favorite spots on the planet, the Cinque Terre in Italy.



These 4 are my world and will always have my heart.


The part of my job I love

The real reason I do what I do is for the baby snuggles :)

about my work

My clients appreciate the creative approach I  take to capturing the lives of those they love.

I believe that art reflects life and life reflects art. With each session, I aim to create the best possible imagery for my clients but also the best experience as well. Every client is treated as if they were family. And, with that I feel completely honored every time I get to capture these memories for them to cherish for generations to come.

Does this resonate with you? Inquire with me.




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