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April 5, 2024

Hi, I'm christine.
Hi there! Welcome to my blog. I'll talk about all things newborn, heirloom, milestone, and maternity photography here.
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This year I decided to go back to offering In Home Newborn Sessions for various reasons but the main reason is because I had enough inquiries last year to make me re-think my view of offering an in home newborn session.

I used to do In Home Newborns, but I stopped a few years ago because I ran into some major problems with lighting. I have been trained to pose newborns in a very controlled lighting environment at my studio and when that light is less than ideal, it can really turn into a stressful situation. However, I got some help from a photographer friend of mine who showed me a solution that could remedy that situation and just like that…Presto!! I can do In Home Newborn Sessions with success!! It was literally like a lightbulb, Ah-ha moment! YAY!! Now, I can cater to the families who really want those moments captured at home.

And there is a real beauty with shooting these sessions in the home environment because it really captures the essence of what is going on at that exact time in their lives. I love capturing them all in the baby’s room because that is the childhood room where the newborn will grow up or at least spend their days or nights as a baby. It’s very significant and has a sentimentality to it.

This beautiful and very sweet family just welcomed their newest member making them a party of 5. I had the honor of capturing newborn sessions for both of their older kiddos and it really makes me thankful I got to capture moments of their newest addition for them. There was a lot more ease to the session as we created a workflow to work around their busy and exhausting schedules of the day. We even managed to be able to include amazing grandparents who happened to be visiting from out of town. What an awesome thing to capture these first moments with baby in the home she was first brought to!!

This family also opted to add-in some “studio-like” poses to finish the session off with. As much as I think there’s a place for natural, journalistic moments, I still love a great newborn pose with beautiful light and I can at least do some of that in someone’s home too :). It’s a WIN-WIN!!

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I'm Christine and I'm so happy you're here. This blog a journal about newborn, milestone, heirloom and maternity photography. 

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