Newborn Twins!!

When I got the email from my client that she was expecting twin girls and wanted me to capture their newborn session, I felt two things… 1) EXCITEMENT and 2) FEAR! These are wonderful clients I’ve known since their older son was a newborn and I’ve seen them all through his first and second year milestones so I really wanted to be able to deliver a beautiful gallery capturing this exciting moment for them, but I was so nervous at the same time because with newborns, one never knows how they’re going to really react in a newborn session and with twins, it could be double the newborn troubles.

Turned out they were AMAZING and they slept really well for me in order to get through the posing I wanted to get through… Whew!!! I should also mention that I was able to have my lovely assistant, Meagan come to the session to be a second pair of hands which just makes all the difference! Thanks MEAGAN!!!

So, I definitely went into the session with a master plan. I knew what I wanted to accomplish and put together the approximate order of events in my head to make it happen. Planning ahead really does help makes things go more smoother and faster!

The session started off with family posing since these guys have a toddler son. I usually do this with young siblings in an effort to excuse them once I’m finished working with them so they don’t have to wait around. I wrapped the girls right away and we got started with family and sibling posing. Then, once we were finished, I grabbed a second set up of them wrapped because why not? I put them in the pink wraps and we changed it up a little bit. Once I did that, I changed their wrap yet once more to a light purple wrap and got individuals of each one. Finally, I removed their wraps and did fabric posing on my table. I had Mom feed one while I worked with the other’s individual poses. So, by the time I reached the fabric poses, I said a little prayer that they’d still be sleepy enough for it and they were- Whew again! Lastly, since I don’t normally twin newborns on a regular basis, I really wanted to try some womb wrap posing. I feel like sometimes, you just gotta go for it and see what happens. I figured, I already got the main shots I needed so why not try?! So glad I did, because I was able to really get some beautiful moments of them wrapped together. I try to incorporate parents as much as I can during posing because I think it’s really nice to have them included but also it’s really beautiful. I even got a little smirk from one of the girls during this which is always a bonus.

One of the most awesome things about capturing newborn twins is witnessing the connection they already have together. It’s pretty apparent to me and in the images that they really like being close to one another. How sweet is that? It’s something they’ll probably feel for the rest of their lives, I imagine.

Check out the fun shot of Dad hamming it up for me during parent posing. I’m sure this was similar to the look he had once he realized they were expecting twins!! 🙂 Gotta love it!