Heirloom Portraits

I’m SO incredibly excited to be adding this new and very beautiful type of portraiture to my list of photography services! I’ve been working really hard behind the scenes for months with an amazing heirloom portrait mentor out of South Carolina to bring this tradition to CRP.

It’s such a whimsical and timeless way to capture the essence of childhood. Those sweet little faces just melt my heart and I cannot wait for my clients to have the ability to hang these pieces of art up on their walls and cherish forever.

I’m a Mom of 3 myself and I’ve found that time goes by so incredibly fast. I wish I could keep my sweet babies little but they keep growing bigger and more independent every day. With images like these, I know I’ll be able to look back at their sweet and little faces even as time goes on as it’s the only way I’ll be able to remember them like this when they’re too big for Mommy cuddles and tickles.