Photographing newborns is a specialty type of photography. It is the most hands-on type of photography there is which is why it is oh so important to hire a professional who has experience and knowledge on how to handle and work with a newborn. I have trained with some of the absolute best in the newborn photography world and have earned newborn safety credentials through APNPI. I feel confident in saying you can trust that I know what I’m doing.

Newborn sessions are generally shot 5-15 days from birth and typically last up to 3-4 hours (1.5-2 hours for a mini).  It’s important to try and keep baby as sleepy as possible for a newborn portrait session so they are more willing to remain in a pose which is why 5-15 days after birth is the timeframe.  After that, baby is more stimulated and less likely to want to cooperate in posing.  I can capture a newborn awake as well, but there is little control over what they’ll do so I will be limited as to what I can do.

If there is a specific pose you would like for me to try, I will always do my best to get it, but I will never guarantee it will happen because really it’s up to baby in the end.  I do not force a baby into a pose their bodies are not willing to do.  I am very conscientious of baby’s safety.

As for what to bring… there is no need to bring any props or accessories (unless it has sentimental value) because I have an enormous amount of props, bonnets, headbands & clothing in various colors to be used for my sessions.  Once a session gets booked, I have a questionnaire for my clients to fill out that asks about color preferences so I can coordinate my sessions in order to accommodate their preferences.

*A note about my style: My personal, creative preference when shooting a newborn is to focus purely on them.  I believe the photos should focus on  the baby vs. leaning heavily on props and extras that may take away.  If you are interested in heavy props or another style you don’t see in my portfolio for your newborn session, I’m probably not the right photographer for you.  My portfolio represents my style and the way I prefer to shoot, so if it doesn’t match your vision, there are plenty of other photographers to work with.


I am a professional, insured newborn and family photographer as well as being a member of the *Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International program (www.apnpi.com) and have completed the APNPI credentials in Newborn Safety Education.  I’d love to share with you a list of questions you should be asking your potential newborn photographer.  I’m happy to answer these questions for my potential clients below:

Questions to Ask Your Newborn Photographer:

  1. How many years have you been working as a newborn photographer and approximately how many babies have you handled up to this point?  Christine:  I started capturing newborn photography in 2015 and have worked with hundreds of newborn clients.
  2. Have you received any newborn specific posing training and with whom did you train? Christine: YES!!!  Simply Fresh Newborn Workshop with Lemonade Stand Photography and Robin Hansen Photography,  Stephane Schaefer for family mentoring, The Milky Way series newborn, maternity, family and business online workshops, Erin Tole’s workshop & mentored with Sandra Hill of Sandra Hill Photography.  (* bonus: I also hold a BA degree in theatre/ film- television from the University of Southern California where I initially learned photography.)
  3. What are the safety practices you have in place in your studio specifically geared towards the newborn client?  Christine:  I keep my studio temperature warm (approximately 75-78 degrees). I always have hand sanitizer available to use throughout my sessions as well as washing my hands periodically.  My fabrics are always cleaned after use.  I never push a newborn into a pose they don’t want to do because every baby is different and some are more willing to respond to certain posing than others- If I find they are resisting enough, I will move onto the next set-up.  Am always looking to see if there’s any loss of circulation and if so, I will change a baby’s position to bring circulation back before proceeding (newborns do not have good circulation yet).  I always use a parent spotter or assistant for upright posing.
  4. Will my newborn be supported by human hands in all upright positions as well as any poses requiring suspension?  Christine: YES!
  5. Do you work with an assistant or provide spotters at your newborn sessions? If not, will you allow me to spot my baby during a session?  Christine: Sometimes I work with an assistant, but yes- I will definitely allow you to spot your baby during the session and will actually ask you too.
  6. What will happen in the case of illness, your own or otherwise?  Christine:  If I am ill and contagious, I will re-schedule a session.
  7. Are you currently up to date on the necessary vaccines needed when working with a pregnant or newborn population?  Christine: YES!!  Including FLU and COVID vaccinations.
  8. Can you point me towards online resources from which I can learn about safe practices when photographing newborns?  Christine: https://apnpi.com
  9. Are you a member of an organization or association directly servicing newborn photographers and their educational needs?  Christine: YES, Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International 🙂